How to know if you’re getting catfished

Recently I was in a situation where I was catfished. I never thought I would say that but it did happen to me. It took me awhile before I realized what was going on but now I know the signs to look for if you’re getting catfished. I wanted to make this blog post so other people can be cautious of potential catfishers and not get in a bad situation like I was.

  1. They say they care about you and move at a very fast past. The guy who catfished me was telling me he wanted to spend the next phase of his life with me after only talking to him for 3 days. He would say how much he cared and liked me even though we had never met and I barely knew him. All lies.
  2. They have a job that makes them travel all over the world. Afghanistan was the place my catfisher said he was. He said he was on a mission in the military but after he was done that he wanted to settle down and start a family. All lies.
  3. They contact you out of no where. My catfisher just added me on Facebook but I thought he was cute so I decided to add him. Big mistake on my part. Never accept anyone you don’t know, haven’t met, or don’t have any mutuals friends with online. You need to be very careful.
  4. They don’t have many pictures of themselves or of any friends on their profile. The only picture the guy had were pictures of himself and no friends on Facebook. That should have been a big sign to me. He had no likes on any of his pictures either.
  5. If the person you met online has stories that make you feel very bad for them you are probably getting catfished. My guy told me that his parents died in a car accident and that he didn’t have any other family members. It obviously made me feel very bad for him and made me not want to stop talking to him out of empathy.

So look out for these signs when someone reaches out to you. You never know if you could be getting catfished.

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