How technology have changed the dating world

Girls always watch movies and fantasize of the day a boy will ask them out in a romantic way. Nicholas Sparks movies are my favorite movies because of the perfect relationships and romantic scenes. Some ways could be giving the girl flowers, sending letters back and worth, going out to a fancy restaurant, a picnic in the park, etc. When I was younger I would watch romantic movies and be so excited for the day I was in a relationship.  I can certainly say now that technology has changed the way relationships work.

In my experience, if a guy wants to ask you out he will just text you, tell you that you are pretty, and then say we should go out to get food. How romantic is that? To me it is not romantic at all. What happened to walking up to a girl and having an actual conversation. What happened to coming to her house to pick her up and meeting her parents? What happened to traditional ways of dating? Text messages can make obviously sarcastic comments appear serious, concerned words seem negative, and the worst part–can be easily screen-shotted. What you text in a break-up with someone may very well be sent out in a large group message and portray you as the bad guy or girl.

People hide behind there phones to express their feelings and I do this too. If you want to tell someone you love them, don’t send it over text. If you want to go out on a date, just tell the person! When I ask my friends where there parents met, they usually say at school, on a blind date, at a party, through a friend etc. However now people are meeting through dating apps or just by messaging someone on social media. I want to meet a guy in a normal way, for him to come up to me and to ask to go on a date with me. That simple. I have hope that someone can come through for me but it is just going to get worse from here. Guys put down your phone and go talk to a girl! We don’t bite I promise.

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