Reading on Online Construction

I thought I would get very bored and not get much out of this article, however I was very surprised. I had no idea what this topic was before reading about it. The article explained it as  the building of content online while creation could be described as the “act of producing” or causing to exist. Construction involves creativity, inspiration, flexibility, revision, and persistence. The article stated that students should be encouraged to fully experience the process of construction through online content, rather than just focusing on getting the assignment complete. Construction also brings in the role of groups of learners in the process of learning and as a result includes elements of social and cognitive constructivism. They should look to see if it meets their needs and how representative it is to other elements of online information.

The goal of the OCC model is to provide teachers with pedagogical opportunities to move students from content consumers, to content curators, and finally constructors of online content. O’Byrne who is the writer of this article was easy to follow and to understand what he was trying to convey. OCC is a great way to look at things and should be heard and influential to classrooms everywhere. Students are able to feel empowered and encouraged when using this method.


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